Victoria is a world leader in innovative water management.

Decades of reforms, technology development, policy change and new investment has positioned Victoria with a wealth of expertise, products and services in water management.

In particular, Victoria's experience dealing with the 13-year Millennium Drought (1997-2009) – the worst drought in our history that saw Victoria's major water storages fall to below 15 percent – led to new policies and approaches in water management.

Victoria is recognised for its strong regulatory framework that protects public health and the environment; well-established and transparent institutions and pricing arrangements; understanding of water availability and climate dependence; water efficiency and world-class infrastructure; and formal water entitlement framework, including a water trading system and water markets.

Victoria's Water Capabilities And Expertise

Victoria is now a leader in innovative water resource management, including:

  • water sensitive urban design
  • water markets, water trading and entitlements
  • data and smart technology to inform decision making
  • integrated water planning
  • environmental water management
  • water efficiency and irrigation modernisation
  • local-scale water management solutions
  • community engagement.

Victorian businesses have particular capabilities in:

  • education and training
  • design and technology
  • water treatment and quality
  • consulting and management services.

Victoria recently released its new strategy for water management, Water for Victoria, which outlines a long-term vision and strategic priorities for managing Victoria's water resources.

As countries across the globe face the challenges of managing their water, Victoria will provide its experience and policy expertise in water management through the Australian Water Partnership.

There are significant opportunities for Victoria to share its lessons, expertise and reform journey with countries around the world facing water challenges. 

Liveability Victoria International will help promote Victoria's expertise and support export opportunities for Victoria's water sector.

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Case Study: Water Recycling At The Melbourne Cricket Ground

Directly outside the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Melbourne's iconic sporting stadium, sits Victoria's largest underground water recycling facility. Located in Yarra Park, the water plant treats sewage from the local sewerage network and transforms it to Class A recycled water. The was water is re-used for irrigation within the Yarra Park, as well as for cleaning and toilet flushing at the MCG and the nearby Punt Road Oval. The facility is built underground and out of the view of the public eye. This provides a functional solution to water conservation, without taking away from valuable land use or park amenity. It is the first of its kind in Victoria.

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Yarra Park Water Recycled Treatment Facility

Photographer: Kim Johnsen

MCG water recycling

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