If you are interested in being involved in meeting inbound delegations, please email suzanne.knight@delwp.vic.gov.au

Three women and three men seated around a conference table, deep in discussionLVI recently hosted:

  • Nepal - delegation to learn about intergovernmental arrangements related to water, water accounting, water market development and the Victorian water entitlement framework.
  • Indonesia - delegation from the Jakarta People’s Assembly with an interest in learning about water governance, environmental regulation, wastewater management and economic and pricing principles for Victorian utilities.
  • Russia - delegation of architectural and urban planning consultancies from Moscow to talk about Plan Melbourne and Melbourne’s liveability. The delegation was inspired by Australia’s urban development experience as demonstrated by consistently high international ratings for city liveability.

LVI also facilitated a liveability session for 20 overseas scholars as part of the South East Asia Awards Engagement Program run by DPC. LVI brought together presentations of DELWP’s Climate Change Adaptation work and Plan Melbourne as well as a presentation from EPA on environmental regulation and transforming the EPA into a modern regulator.