In recent months, Liveability Victoria International (LVI) has hosted many international delegations keen to learn from and engage with Victorian liveability experts in the field of water resource management, urban design, environmental assessments, marine protection, metropolitan planning, spatial analysis and more!

Four images, clockwise from top right. 1: Man with glasses and grey hair in business shirt and tie points to a presentation on a screen, in foreground delegates are seated around a table facing the speaker with backs to the camera. 2: Close up of three men in high vis vests over business attire, man in centre is pointing at something off camera. 3: A man and woman in high vis vests over business attire pose in centre holding a gold-framed plaque, two women and three men in casual attire pose around them, smiling for the camera with a body of water in the background. 4: five men and two women wearing jackets over business attire stand in a posed line on sand with buildings just visible in the background, all are smiling for the camera and have windswept hair indicating a cold and windy day.

The high ranking delegations have come from China, Israel, Thailand and Indonesia comprising of Government officials, industry and academia. LVI's hosting and engagement with its international partners are facilitating export opportunities for Victoria's $24 billion liveability sector, whilst enabling knowledge exchange and best practice to inform our own liveability programs and policies.

For further information on LVI's work program or international delegation opportunities and events, contact Suzanne Knight, Program Director, Liveability Victoria International, at