The Regional Innovation for a Circular Economy conference was held at Deakin University in Geelong on 26 August 2019 to raise awareness about the key principles for a circular economy, state and national perspectives and regional case studies of the circular economy in practice.

The conference was very well attended with attendees from industry, academia and government, including DELWP. Speakers covered everything from policy, regulation, material challenges and regional case studies to a masterclass on design thinking.

Photograph taken from the back of a conference room, approximately 40 people are seated around tables with their backs to the camera, looking at a speaker and presentation at the front of the room

Some of the common themes from the conference were around the importance of material design as an integral element in the transition to a circular economy, and aligning stakeholders from government, R&D and industry to ensure that there is a common goal, a strategic and well considered approach to the transition.

Further information on the Victorian Government's circular economy policy is available at: