The delegation consisted of Mr Franciso Quintana and Mr Andrés Höner. Mr Quintana is the current First Vice President of the City of Buenos Aires Legislature and General Secretary of the Republican Proposal party (PRO) Argentina. The PRO is the party of the current Argentinian President Mauricio Macri. Mr Höner is the General Director of International Relations and Cooperation for the City of Buenos Aires Legislature.

The meeting was focused on Victoria’s world leading water management practices. Sean Crees, Executive Director of the Partnerships and Sector Performance division talked the delegates through the challenges Melbourne is facing in maintaining its liveable status and what the Victorian Government is doing to mitigate the impact of these. The meeting was a great opportunity to share our expertise and learn more about the common challenges we share with the City of Buenos Aires. Feedback from the delegates was positive and there is scope for future collaboration with our Argentinian counterparts.

First Vice President Franciso Quintana with DELWP Executive Director Sean Crees

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