Victoria's environment is rich and diverse. Our natural assets help sustain economic prosperity and liveability in our urban and regional communities.

Victoria's high standard of environmental protection allows us to enjoy clean air and water, picturesque and fertile landscapes, and an abundance of wildlife. Protecting these natural assets is key to maintaining Victorians' quality of life

Victoria’s cleantech sector is backed by long-term policies, strong regulatory frameworks and long-term results. Our expertise solving environmental solutions has international applications; a credit to our strong adherence to international environmental standards and modern, clean technologies.  

Our designers and planners work closely with scientists and technologists to develop capabilities, with support of strong community advocacy for clean environments. The industry has been investing over the last decade in efficient energy and resources that improve their bottom line and deliver better environmental outcomes.

Many companies in this sector are small in size but giants when it comes to their knowhow. These are complemented by distinguished universities, who are developing innovative energy technologies that investors are eager to commercialise. Our universities produce more graduates than other Australian states providing the engaged and skilled workforce needed to support cleantech projects.

Victoria’s cleantech and environmental solutions capabilities

  • New Energy Technologies - solar, wind, energy efficiency solutions, smart grids and energy storage
  • Environmental Services - air quality, pollution control, soil and land remediation
  • Waste and Recycling Technologies - waste management, recycling and resource recovery technologies, circular economy solutions
  • Water Technologies – water quality and treatment, water efficiency, water monitoring and controls, utility operations, regulatory advice and water management
  • Green Buildings – energy efficient building construction and operation
  • Low Emission Transport Solutions – design, construction and operations that improve liveability and reduce environmental impact

Case study

Yarra Valley Water converts food waste to energy

Key strengths of Victoria’s Cleantech and Environmental Solutions sector

  • Innovative ecosystem - Victoria has a well-established ecosystem of businesses and research bodies such as the CSIRO (which is headquartered in Melbourne), Deakin University’s Institute for Frontier Materials, and Monash University’s Energy Materials and Systems Institute (MEMSI) that are supporting the development of new clean technologies.
  • Supportive Government - The Victorian Government is giving the clean technologies sector confidence to invest through its renewable energy generation targets of 25 per cent by 2020 and 40 per cent by 2025 and targeted programs to encourage new business investment in energy efficiency, resource recovery, materials efficiency, microgrid demonstrations projects and commercial building efficiency.
  • High regulatory standards - Victoria’s environmental regulator, the Environment Protection Authority (the world’s second oldest environment protection authority), ensures high standards are set for air quality and pollution control which in turn drives investment in new technology.

Page last updated: 17/01/20