Liveability Victoria International

Victoria is one of the most liveable places in the world. For a record breaking seven years Melbourne was ranked number one on the Economist Intelligence Unit's Global Liveability Ranking Index.

Home to spectacular natural beauty, world-class healthcare, high quality education and vibrant cities and towns, Victoria is a leader in liveability. Victoria's international reputation for clean environments and urban liveability presents major opportunities to share our services and expertise to the world's growing cities and places.

Building on Victoria's liveability credentials and status, Liveability Victoria International (LVI) assists Victorian businesses in the liveability sector to connect with targeted overseas markets, particularly in Asia, to share Victoria’s leading services and expertise in the liveability sector.

LVI promotes Victoria’s strength in water, planning and urban design, and clean-tech and environment protection, while seeking new ideas from our global neighbours to keep improving Victoria's liveability.

Victoria's Sectors of Expertise

Changing economies, population growth, urbanisation, and climate change are factors dramatically affecting our environment and how we plan for the future.

Liveability Victoria International has established relationships with the best of Victoria's universities, industries and businesses – and will connect international organisations and businesses with relevant industry and government expertise.

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