Sharing Victoria’s expertise to create thriving, liveable cities and places

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, Australia, is one of the world’s most liveable cities. The intersection of smart planning, good governance, technology and creative design has seen Melbourne transform itself over several decades into a thriving and dynamic global city.

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Creating places for people

The hard work underpinning Melbourne’s liveability is well celebrated – it has been named the world’s most liveable city by the Economist Intelligence Unit not once, but for seven consecutive years. Melbourne and Victoria have much offer other cities and regions that wish to improve and maintain the liveability of their cities, places and environments.

Victoria has the know-how across the liveability sector in areas such as water management, planning and urban design, cleantech and environmental solutions. Many Victorian companies have leading expertise to share and are partnering with Global Victoria and Liveability Victoria International to connect with global partners and markets.

What liveability means to us

Liveability means different things in different places. It is not a one-solution-fits-all. Our expertise focuses on developing solutions that fit the differing cultural needs of people where they live. Melbourne’s liveability has been shaped through a long-term collaborative process that draws on expertise across disciplines, many of which are shared with other cities around the world.

  • Growth: Melbourne is not only Australia’s most liveable city, but also has Australia’s fastest growing population. Growth can be both a challenge and an opportunity, requiring new investment in housing and infrastructure but it also attracts more highly-skilled workers and business investment.
  • Diversity: With a multicultural population and varied climate and geographies across Victoria, our cities, suburbs and towns are designed with diversity and inclusiveness front of mind. 
  • Innovation: In Victoria we bring the engineering and design professions together with industry, government, academia and utilities to find innovative liveability solutions.
  • Creativity: Melbourne is known as Australia’s design capital and design excellence is pursued through acclaimed engineering and design schools at the University of Melbourne, RMIT, Monash University, Swinburne University and Deakin University.
  • Natural Environment: Clean air, beautiful landscapes, protected water catchments and green space are highly prized by Victorians. Parks, gardens and reverses are central to our cities and towns.
  • Regulation: Victoria has a long history of effective regulation and innovative policy reform.

Our partners